Reflecting on 9/11

I feel like 9/11 snuck up on me a little this year.  I know days are turning into weeks as I focus on the immediate, but geez.  So in my own reflection and moments of silence, I'm sharing a few ground zero photos I took on a walk by back in February.  We were in NYC for the Parade of Champions to celebrate the Giants winning the Superbowl. 

As the parade ended and the crowd began to disperse we walked through shut down streets.  At one point, I also remember being surprised to look up and see the new tower rising.  I was surprised to be that close to it.  I was surprised to see the steel workers with somber faces doing their thing and hooting for the Giants. 

I remember feeling very warm in my heart remembering all the courage of that day and the actions of strangers with nothing but love for their fellow man.  The selflessness. 

It's that burst of pride that I will carry with me very purposely today. 

We will never forget.  I will never forget.

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