Bonus Storm Prepping

I guess everyone knows by now there is a gigantic storm headed for the east coast.  Here in NY we are bracing for what looks like a lot of wind and rain (crossing my fingers there is no snow) and power outages.

I encourage you to use the FEMA website to follow their storm preparation advice and check lists.  I have.  But, I wanted to share some of the other things we do to get ready. 

::  Charge the Kindle ::  Nothing like having a good book to get lost in during a power outage.  I'll be most likely finishing "The Dragonriders of Pern."  And reading the kindle by candle light sounds marvelous!  Yes, you could also run to the library and have a nice new book on hand.

::  Tire Out the Pups ::  We are very outdoorsy people and dogs... so one of the bummers of a storm like this is the cabin fever of not being able to really go outside.  Yes, we'll run out for puppy business, but we will probably have to forgo long walks or playing ball outside.  So, this morning we had the pups outside running, chasing, romping in the leaves and any other form of getting them tired.  This afternoon I'll also take Sammy for a doggy play date to squeeze out every drop of energy possible.  A good healthy tired will keep them more relax during the storm and keep them from getting too bored.

::  Do all the Laundry and Dishes ::  If someone sneezes around here we loose power, so we more or less expect to loose it during the storm.  Nothing like having a full drawer of clothes and a cabinet of dishes to use during the ordeal to make us more comfortable.  I may also wash up a quilt or two for optimal snuggling!

::  Have Board Games Handy ::  Nothing worse than sitting in a dark house, with no power, and everyone whining that they are bored.  My cure for keeping entertained is a combination of board games, books, sudoku puzzles, and hand sewing.  I make sure these are all out and handy so that they are easy to grab when needed. 

Wishing everyone a safe and uneventful storm.  Please be sure to check on your family and neighbors -- together we are all stronger and more resilient!  Catch up with you soon!


Kristen said...

Good advice. I love those books. Don't miss storm prep. Hope it isn't too awful of a storm up there.

Kristen said...

Good advice. I love those books. Don't miss storm prep. Hope it isn't too awful of a storm up there.

Becky said...

Stay safe. Hope it fizzles out before it makes land!

Josie McRazie said...

Praying for your saftey!

Kris from Duke Says Sew What said...

Getting hard to tell those two apart! Hope it blows by...

Monika Kinner-Whalen (MySweetPrairie) said...

Oh dear. I hope all is well. You are quite the survival prepper! : ) We've been reading to each other... and playing 'war' with a couple decks of cards. That's a fun old game to revive. : )
Take care Christie

zsazsazsu said...

Hi Christie, just saw the news here on tv. I hope you and you family and of course the dogs are fine. You are in my thoughts.

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