Ever seen jelly fish glowing in an aquarium? Something about seeing their effortless dance = happiness!

Plain and simple, I am an aquarium fanatic! This picture is from 2 years ago at the Boston Aquarium; which is a must see if you are in the vicinity. The jelly fish area was dark, with the exception of a tank taller than me full of these odd sqiushy glowing dancers. Making the experience all that much cooler, was a little dial you could turn to change the colors that the jelly fish glowed.

I couldn't have been any happier at that moment, when I was imagining what all the jelly fish were saying to each other as they danced along! Mr. Happy, thanks again for feeding my aquarium passion!


Anonymous said...

Hello Happy ! I love your blog :) I think your blog = happiness! You have some really awesome photos too, really nice! Thank you for stopping by my blog today and I'm glad you like my art, I love drawing and painting, although, I don't get to spend as much time with it as I would like :) Have a great week and take care,

me said...

Hiya! I LOVE this picture! I have one I took a few months back at a aquarium in Chicago...all blue jellyfish! Cool!!

Looking forward to seeing your inch by inch art tomorrow! Woot!

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