Travelling Moth

Enjoying time in my garden; checking out the flowers and visitors = happiness!

Their are two ingredients that I need an abundance of in order to stay my normal chipper self -- dirt and sunshine. That said gardening is a natural fit for me since it gets my hands in the dirt often and gives me a reason to hang out in the sunshine!

My small garden is designed to be a full sun mid summer garden full of tiger lilies, bee-bombs, daisies, honey suckle vine, petunias, a variety of herbs, tomatoes, hot peppers, and cool blue-purple flowers in these photos. It's on the verge of popping into color and attracting humming birds, butterflies, and honey bees. I'll be sure to snap a couple of photos when it's all blooming!

Until then, I will have to be satisfied with these blue-purple flowers and moths -- which are drenched in color compared to all the rain we are getting!

1 comment:

me said...

Hey girl. Beautiful pictures! That butterfly is called a Cabbage butterfly. So beautiful against the purple. =)

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