Decorate them

Ok, that was completly wrong of me!

Yesterday I began to tempt you with yummy baked goods and then left you hanging. Truth is I ran out of blog time yesterday and I really did feel bad about that all night. Really!

But, if you came back today....

... then it kinda worked ... didn't it?

And I promise this was worth the wait!

Just one look at these golden mini cakes evokes a sense of euphoria for me! I can almost smell them coming out of the oven!

I decided to have a little fun with these and decorated them a little fancy. And fancy lookin' doesn't have to be hard. Here's what I did to get those sweet swirlys...

  1. Take a regular can pre-packaged frosting. I used milk chocolate for the yellow butter cake cuppies. And I used vanilla with cinnamon mixed in for the pumpkin spice cuppies.
  2. Dump, scrape, and plop that frosting in to your mixer.
  3. This step is optional. I added a bit of cayenne pepper to the milk chocolate frosting. Gives the frosting a hint of heat. You see, I'm from Texas. And I add heat to everything I can. Makes life more interesting and who couldn't use a little heat in there life?
  4. Now, mix the frosting on a high speed. This adds air into the frosting, makes it fluffier and lightens the color a bit.
  5. You know your frosting is whipped when ... well, I don't think you can over do this, so whip away until you start to notice that color change.
  6. Using a spoon, put the whipped frosting in zippy sandwich bag.
  7. Seal the zippy bag.
  8. Cut off the tiniest corner on the bottom of the bag
  9. Squeeze frosting through that tiny corner and apply to mini-cupcake deliciousness.
  10. Create your own fun design or try the swirls like I did!
  11. For the swirls I started at the outter edge of the cupcake and ended in the middle with a crown (you know, like they do on the swirly ice cream cones :)

And voila!

Fancy looking cupcakes...

yummy tasting cupcakes...

crowd pleasing cupcakes.

And yes, I am going to wait one more post to show you the final cuppies. You can wait one more post, right?

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