Make a batch

Happiness for me is baking.

The idea of taking a bunch of things that don't seem like they go together, putting them in a bowl, and then whipping them around is just magic to me.

You're laughing... I mean magic!

Come on! Once you've whipped all these ingredients together you are left with a glop-slop in a bowl. Is this really going to turn into something that's yummy? (Now, if it's brownie mix, then that looks like black gold, but the mixture above is a yellow butter cake, dyed orange, and spiced up to taste like a fall pumpkin pie.)

Really doesn't look all that appetizing does it?

But, you put this mixture in to the teensy-weensy mini cupcake cups and pop them in the oven... you see that's where the magic happens.

In the oven.

And, yes this is where we leave the baking adventure for now.... come back to see how it turned out!

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