Sweet goodness I have been absent again from adding happy to my blog. Can I be forgiven? I hit a point two weeks ago (YIKES... has it been that long?) that I had to drop some things to fit in some other things. And yes, sadly the blog and ironing is what took that hit. That and my poor little goldfish Titan who has been living in a green world. I have already made a major dent in getting all my ironing in order and I vowed to Titan this morning that I was going to clean his tank up tonight.

So, now that I am back I have to tell you that I have a TON of cool photos and happy things to share with you. In fact, I have quite a back log of happiness just waiting to poor through this page and into your life! Well, at least into your eyeball.

What do strawberries have to do with my return? Nothing really. Honestly, I think I had something sensible to say about them at some point, but that thought no longer is a resident in my brain.

I do remember eating them.
I do remember drowning them in sugar.
And I do remember how it felt like a bit of a treat to have them off season.

That must be it.

I think I was going to ramble about how eating something can remind you of a special time of year or memory. I will take that as my homework this week... to go and eat something that has a special memory for me and report back.

What I was going to say however, is that since we last spoke I've made mini cupcakes, gotten that delivery of wood I told you about, stacked the wood, worked around the house with Mr. Happy, played with Katie -- that's really a daily occurance, and had a lot of fires in the fireplace! And better yet, I have pictures of most of the craziness... so without further delay I am going to go get a happy post up for you.

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