Free Hope

I was curious what I was up to 4 years ago around this time.

(Confession.. I actually didn't have any other new photos to share today since I've been distracted by this whole buying a house thing.)

But, it was pretty fun to look back in the years around October and see what I was taking pictures of.

These were taken in 2005... which means I would have been living in upstate NY. Well, more technically it was central NY, but from where I lived before in more southern NY... any thing north was considered upstate.

Actually it's funny when I talk to people who are from NYC.. and when they talk about upstate they are talking about where I live... and I have to tell them there's a more north upstate than that. Crazy when you stop and think about how big NY is.

Anywho... these are pictures taken from a fishing outing Mr. Happy and I went on. We did that a lot when we lived more north... picked up our poles and headed for a nice lake or pond.

You see fishing for the most part is one of the free things in life you can enjoy. We may have spent a few dollars on some worms and at some point it helps to buy a pole, but I bet we had a blast!! Good bang for the buck and good economics for a couple of poor college kids.

And how cool is that grass growing between the rocks? Like a stray ray of hope amongst a trying environment. A reminder that the tough really do survive. A hint that if you try really hard, no matter what, you will reach what ever goal you are striving for. I may be stretching it a bit, but you get what I mean!

Take that hope with you today and go and be that fresh, beautiful, strong grass amongst the rocks of your life!

Happy Friday!

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