All that we nose

I'm hoping you don't mind more Katie pictures.

I know I sure don't, but then again I am a little biased. 
Something about seeing those little tuffs of hair on her feet that make any day ... even the most amazing days... better.  Picture the most amazing day you have ever had and then picture it getting better. 

Whoa, that's some good stuff isn't it?

Look in to those chocolate eyes.... I'm not sure I could believe you if you said you still don't feel anything short of amazing.  Katie has those kind of powers which in the wrong hands could really do some damage. 

But Katie promises that she will only use her powers for good.

Ok, so looking into her eyes did nothing for you?  How about those delicate rabbit like whiskers?  Those must put a tiny smile on the corner of your lips.  

At least a tiny one, right?

If nothing else I have to thank you for indulging me once again.  I LOVE this dog and can't think of a better way to put me in to a happy state of mind. 

And that is all we nose!

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