Fall festivus

Lately, I have been a huge sucker for textures in my pictures. 

Hee hee... that rhymes... textures in my pictures!

Where were we?  Texture, right?  Just take a peak at the fantastical little bubbles on this leaf decoration.  So tiny and delicate.  So many all lined up looking reflective and orderly. 

Until yesterday I wasn't really sure what the bubbles represented. 
Were they something imaginative or were they inspired by something real in the world? 

Well, yesterday I unexpectedly got my answer.  I believe the bubbles are meant to look like frost on the leaves.  Yes, we had frost yesterday morning.  It covered everything.

and... leaves!

When you see frost, in the sunlight, on a leaf... it looks like a million tiny orderly bubbles.  Just like the pictures.  And speaking of pictures.  I took some.  Of the actual frost.  I have to download them and load 'em up here so we can do a comparison.  I think you will see what I mean. 

And even if you don't.  Well you can still enjoy the texture today.  And think about coming back tomorrow to see the frost pictures. 

Hope you decided to come on back! 

Hope you are having a bubble tickling Monday!

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