Knit me a noodle

Ok, so I'm not really knitting noodles, but it sounded good, right?

I have had this itch to knit for months now and finally gave in. I went to the craft store and spent what felt like half a day starring at the racks and racks of thread, how to books, and sticks.

I did my best to grab some supplies to get me started. With the help of this site: KnittingHelp I was able to figure out how to do a basic Double Cast On

(isn't the terminology a riot? not sure why.. but it totally reminds me of fishing!)

I also figured out how to do a Knit Stitch.
I haven't quite figured out how to turn around yet (correctly), but I am just loving how you do a row of stitches... and then on the next row the whole thing goes from one stick (needle) to the other stick (needle). It's darn cool!
I'm still in practice mode so not really making anything yet. And I still have to try my hand at a Purl Stitch. Can you believe there are really only two types of stitches? I think that is what keeps knitting from being too intimidating.
Oh, and I'm not quite sure what I was thinking of making when I was standing in the store and grabbed Texas orange... mossy green.. and that pink, red, brown mix... but I am sure that it will come to me.
I did get a pattern from one of my how to books for fingerless gloves that look rock hot! I bet they would kill in that moss green.
I thought you would be interested to see what crazy scheme I have been up to for the last week.
I have daydreams of knitting gifts for everyone... like hats with matching scarves, fingerless gloves, and sock monkeys.
I think Mr. Happy would like a nice pink knitted sock monkey, right? Although at the speed I knit right now... I will be happy to make a mini scarf for a mouse by the time the cold weather passes.
I'll keep you updated as I get sucked in to knitting land!

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