Wood. A cord. A cord of wood.

About a month ago we were talking about fires. In the fireplace of course. Cheery fires. And we decided we liked having fires and should get some wood. You can re-read about it here: View from the couch.

That led to talking about how wood is delivered. Remember it's delivered in cords? And how I wasn't sure how big a cord was. Was that like 200 pieces? Was that a pile 4ft tall?

Well you might be able to tell by these pictures that we did order that cord. Pieces sized 16-18 inches. I had to measure the fireplace and wood stove to make sure pieces that size would fit.

From there I had nightmares about getting this HUGE pile of wood that was chock full of pieces that I couldn't fit into my fireplace or wood stove to burn. So, in my nightmare I had to chop all the pieces of wood in half. Not a fun time.

But thankfully, we measured and all is well. They delivered while we were at work. Which went something like...

Nice lady at wood delivery place: "Where would you like the wood?"
Me: "At my house?"
Nice lady at wood delivery place: " Yes, but where should we dump the wood?"
Me: "oh.. umm... hmmm.. where will you dump it? Ok, how about to the left of the garage in the grass?"

And the whole time I am thinking we are really in for it. This pile is gonna be HUGE and I am going to have to move each and every piece to the backyard for storing... and stacking. Oh boy.

Hope those fires are worth it!

I had to had to get a shot or two with Katie next to the pile for comparison. The pile makes her look small.
Side note... Katie thought getting a cord of wood was a fabulous idea! Suddenly some nice wood fairy had left her a HUGE pile of toys for her to play with and chew on. Katie had never seen a pile of wood like that before.

Did that scare her?


She marched right over the pile. Nose sniffing the whole time. And proceeded to pick up the biggest piece she could manage and then carried it toward us like she was just going to bring it in the house to chew on.


Back to moving the wood pile.

It turns out that I am really good at moving and stacking wood. And the bonus is that I enjoyed doing it. Felt like good wholesome honest work. Very rewarding!

I think Mr. Happy's story about us moving the wood pile would include things like the pile falling over a bit and me complaining about working in the dark -- but I deny any of that! Yup, deny!

So, the wood is stacked and I feel like we are ready to hibernate in front of the fire for the winter!

Have the fires been worth it? Ohhh Yaaaa!
p.s. Sing the blog title to that Sound Of Music song... too funny!

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