Poprocks and books

A large part of what makes us happy is the environment we are in.  I don't mean trees and birds and things like that this time around. 

I mean the people we share our lives with.  The groups we interact with.  The folks who inspire us to do great things... or at least to live happily!

Today I have to tell you about one of those connections in my life that makes me happy.  It might tickle you the right way too. 

I came across this blog called Poprocks and Photography; a lovely lady named Kateigh is the mastermind behind it. 

I have really enjoyed it lately ... things like Pieces of Me, Lovey dovey stuff... the photos are beautiful, and hearing about her new Bookswap!

The bookswap is what really has my attention today.  It goes something like this: 

"pick your favorite or one that brings meaning to your life.
(in the hopes that it will do the same in someone else's)
it could be new, old, funny, serious.
i want it to represent you!
to make it even more special,
i want you to inscribe a lovely little note on the inside cover."


"bonus: for every beautiful lady that joins the swap,
i will be donating a book to our local children's shelter.
you may even send one to me yourself that you would like to donate!"

I have already started to think about the books that have brought meaning to my life.  It's a long list and I'm not sure how I will narrow the list down, but I do know that this is a great excuse for me to go spend quality time with the books in my library (my overflowing shelves)! 

I am looking forward to taking a bunch of  books off the shelf, reading the backs, remembering bits of when I read them, and think about how they may have affected my life. 

For me the most challenging part will probably be writing an inscription.  It will need to be something brief, thoughtful, and hopefully a tiny bit funny.  I am up to the challenge!  Are you?

To get involved go to Poprocks and "email Kateigh @ http://www.blogger.com/ by january 20th to be a part. {be sure to include your name, mailing address, & blog address in your email} "

How's that for happiness!!


Jientje said...

What I love about picking up books that have been on the shelf for too long is when the unexpected happens and you find a little piece of paper hidden in it. A note, a letter, anything you forgot about a long long time ago. It happened to me a little while ago, I found a letter from my sister. Instant happiness!

kateigh said...

Thank you so so so much for reposting and for your lovely words. I am really so excited about this swap and it means a lot to me.


Christie, Describe Happy said...

@ Jientje, you are so right! Finding a long lost something in a book is fun! Bet that letter from your sister was nice to find!

@Kateigh, totally my pleasure!! I'm so looking forward to the swap!

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