The View

I may be tired of the snow.  But you can't deny that this doesn't look like a postcard.  One of those perfect postcards that you might pick up from a ski slope souvenir shop.  But really.... this is the view from my living room.  Lovely no?

When we found this house and saw the BIG windows... we knew it was the house for us.  It was seriously one of the major selling points.  And from September till the first snow all Mr. Happy could say was that he couldn't wait to see snow in the window.  Well.  It's here now.  

Katie is reading my mind perfectly.  It's all pretty.  But, can you make it go away now?  We're dying to see how the tulips come up... and see the birds frolic.  Heck.. I'd be happy right now to be able to go out without my super duper warm professional snowboard get up.  Yes... I'm dreaming of getting my hands in dirt.. but the dirt is frozen.  So, till it's warmer I will admire the view. 

She's pretty ain't she?

Admiring the cold, snowy, icy, gusty, freezing winter from the warmth of my living room = happiness!

Proving that all it really takes is prospective (and a warm place to view) to see something better in the winter wonderland = happiness!


Jientje said...

It will take some time before the tulips are in bloom, but at least your view is breathtaking!

Christie, Describe Happy said...

Yes, but the tulips will be worth the wait! The view is incredible!

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