Three Things

With this space I like to focus on the happy things.  It's true that their can always be things that aren't so happy, but when I come here I let those things slide away and try really hard to be grateful for something ... even if it's small.

So, this morning I am repeating the daily exercise I do on the right with 'This Moment In Happy.'  List three things that are making you happy today, right now:

I'll go first...
1. I listened to Bob Marley on the way to work today in a snowstorm.  Man that was cool!
2. I'm wearing my favorite necklace... it was a gift from my one and only Mr. Happy when we were on our pre-honeymoon.  Makes me think of him and makes me think of how much fun we had in Aruba!
3. I have a neat plan to recycle my Christmas tree in a creative way.  Since I finally am taking it down this weekend... I get to try out my craft project!  (Don't worry, I'll take pictures and be sure to share how it goes!)

So, now you go... three things that are making you happy right now... even if they are small things!


Jientje said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jientje said...

- The new fleece blankets I bought at half the price of the ones I saw first. I spent half afternoon trying to find just the right ones.
- Two extra cushions + the fleece blankets + a big wicker basket. I call it my snuggle basket.
- Comfort food I'm about to eat for supper. Mashed potatoes on braised leeks and pork crumble. Yummie. Instant happiness!

The deleted comment was me. Typo's. Cannot stand them!

Jientje said...

I made another one. It's supposed to be "typos", isn't it? I'm always confused with this. Someday I will know. I hope.

Christie, Describe Happy said...

Oh gosh, those are great things!!

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