Texas.. up close and personal

I had the privilege, in 2006, to see the Horns at practice.  It was an amazing experience in a million different ways.  Really emotional.  Really hard to put in words.  Best way I can say it was.. that it was electric!!

Let me share a bit of Austin and the Longhorns with you:

Here's the Capital of Texas.  Gorgeous!

Can you tell I'm excited?  Here are a few snaps from the practice.  Took these before I realized I wasn't supposed to.  I felt bad, but at the same time.. how cool that I got pictures of Colt McCoy before he was the real thing (he's the QB if you didn't know)!!  And now here he is ... 4 years later .... leading Texas in a fight for the National Championship!  I feel like I've been able to be a real part of it!

I'm just going to let the snaps flow now.  The game will start soon... GO HORNS!!  No matter what... I LOVE YA!!    Hook 'em  \m/  WHOOT WHOOT!!!!

Yes, that's Colt with his helmet off!  Yes, that's the UT Tower lite up in burnt orange!  Yes, that's me.  Yes, I have goosebumps.

For me... Cheering my head off for Texas = happiness!!

AND.. I have a nice little surprise for you when Texas wins!  Bet you can't guess what it is ;)

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