Check in on my herd...

I showed you here that I started horsing around with a new project.  Ha!  Get it?

And I wanted to share that I am getting closer to finishing my herd of horses.  That means I then have to figure out how I will be displaying them for an up coming March art show.  

It's funny how hard I have fallen for this project.  Dreaming up each horse has been sort of therapeutic and mini inspiring all at the same time.  Since I seem to spend quite a lot of time handling each horse I get to think up a story, name, and a favorite food or movie they may have.

I am a huge fan of showing you my palette as I go along.  I almost feel like my palette has it's own story to share about the project in progress.  Almost like it's a work of art in it's own right.

Here are some of the horses hanging out drying while I clean my brushes and finish up for the night.

My favorite (don't tell the other horses) from this batch, is Lava Lamp Horse.  She is found toward the bottom left of the board.  Very trippy with swirls of blue, yellow, pink, purple and green.  I just feel like she exudes so much confidence.  That's me on a rock'in good day!

My shadow was nearby helping me when she had the chance.  Katie sort of ends up in hunting mood around the cardboard and is always trying to sneak one of them away when I'm maybe not looking for a moment.  She's sneaky... but hasn't snagged one.  Yet.

Just like my paint palette fascinates me... so does this paper towel that I was using to paint the horse parts on.  I enjoy the chaotic pattern (oxymoron for sure) that evolves and the synergy of the colors as they are forced to share the same space.

Another day I set up painting camp about 5 feet from the wood burning stove.  Seriously. the. best. painting. spot. in the. house!  

No joke!  

I had the heat from the wood stove cranked to 88 degrees via wood.  Let's just say.  Sigh.  Heaven!!!  

And from a practical stand point the paint dried fast which means my horses didn't curl.  

Practical, warm, delicious, make you dream of a hot summer's night!

You can see I had some new horses brewing.  Pink and brown were my wedding colors and they look magical on a horse too!  I was also playing with different brushes to find different textures for the mane.  

Did I mention I love this project?

The pink bubble horse (a la Bubble Bath Horse) is another one of my favorites!

But, just look at the cutie pie smiley face on Lava Lamp Horse!!  So, happy, so chill, so me on a good day!

Oh...oh... and check out Splashed in a Blue Puddle Horse!!!!  He's feisty, he's dirty, and he knows how to have a good time!

I see at least one more check in coming from this project.  I have about 25 horses assembled now.  Some need faces, some need decoration.  I am thinking it would be nice to have another 10 or so.... which means I need to get tracing, cutting and painting some more. 

I can't wait to show you what the final art piece ends up looking like!! 

If a corky fun art project is happiness, then I am the happiest clam in the sea!!  

Have I inspired you to make a horse or two?  The pattern I am following can be found in my first post about this project (here).  

Happy horsing around!!

(And thank you again to Ann Wood for making this horsey happiness possible for me!!) 


chelsea rebecca said...

what a fun project! these are just so adorable!

Jientje said...

I LOVE this project, it's amazing how many different horses you manage to come up with!

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