Paint is flowing

I've got that bug again.  The one that turns me into a painting fool!

Here are some of my previous painting results: kitties, train caboose, and tiger lily.

I can never really predict when these spouts come on.  I just know that the craving to sit for hours and paint won't leave until I get it out of my system. 

So, I have decided to pick up an idea I found nearly a year ago.  It's a design by Ann Wood.  And I adore it so much that I have to give it a try (My inspiration and the pattern I used here)!

This time we are focusing on horses!!  (and buttons)

So, I downloaded the pattern and cut it out.  Grabbed a bunch of cereal boxes and began to make the pieces for the cardboard horses.

When I had a few cut out I took the time to tape them all to a sketch board so I could fancy them up!  I don't think I will do this with the next batch, but they do look kinda cool all frozen in mid run on the board.

Painting was by far my favorite part!  I didn't have any plan of attack.  I just globbed (very artistic word, right?) a bunch of paint on my palette and let'er rip!

Here are the first few I have assembled.  You see once you have all the piece painted, you use a nail and hammer to make a tiny hole, through which you put a piece of tiny wire, which attaches a tiny button, which holds the horsey legs on. 

Squee!  The best part is that once the legs are on... you can still move them around and really pose your horse -- I know -- I'm a dork, but I am loving this project!  Mr. Happy was treated to a whole show of dancing horses as I completed each one.  I bet he loved that!

Without further ado I would like to introduce you to the beginnings of my herd:

Under da Sea Horse  He will get additional fishy details and maybe an octapus!

Horse on Fire (left) and Garden Horse (right)
I am thinking some racing flames are needed to finish off Horse on Fire and Garden Horse is ready to bloom with tons of flowers and maybe even a bumble bee!

There are many many more in the works and the possibilities are endless!

I am thinking of:
  • Polka Horse
  • Tie Dye Horse
  • Horse a la Swirl
  • Horse au Natural
  • Pretty Horse
  • Horse of Course
  • Blog Horse
  • Horse Branched Out
  • Super Horse
  • Techie Horse
  • Horse Cake
(See how outta control I am already.  I love it!! )

What kind of horse would you make?  Hope you join me and make a few, although I have to warn you that they are really addictive.  Bet you can't just make one.


Jientje said...

You're so creative! I love this project!

Marisa said...

What a creative project... so clever. I love it!
I received my book from the book swap and am SO excited. I started reading it last night and will post about it this afternoon. Thank you so much. xoxo

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