Strawberry Scones

I have had the urge to make strawberry scones for some time now.

And, I am excited that I was able to hide in the kitchen long enough on Saturday morning to whip up a batch.

I took fresh strawberries (1/2 cup chopped) and added them to a basic recipe to sweeten things up!
Here is what the dough looked like while I was shaping and cutting the blob into scones.
And now dropped onto a baking sheet.
Don't these look just down right delish-i-oso?  Minus that fact that they are raw dough and stuff.
And presto... 10-12 minutes (9 minutes for me in the convection oven)... and they are golden and steamy!
I about died seeing them all cooked up!  I had barely transferred them over to a cooking rack when I snatched one up and began devouring it!
These are the ones that made it to the rack.
I just adore the bits of strawberry that were poking here and there.  Gave them a really nice pop of color!
And then of course they needed a little drizzle.
Of icing that is.
A tablespoon or two of powdered sugar, vanilla extract, water, and lemon juice all mixed up made the perfect compliment!
Don't you just wish that was drizzling right on your tongue?
It was pretty good on the scones too!

And there you have it!  My craving was satisfied. 

I was covered in flour and butter which is second best to being covered in dirt from the garden. 

And my apron got some action.  My apron always appreciates when it gets some action! 

What have you whipped up for a craving lately?


chelsea rebecca said...

and OH MY GOSH!!! i have to make these ASAP!!
bookmarking this!!!

Suburban Girl said...

Heavenly! I love scones, I think you motivated me to make a batch. I even have strawberries ready to go1

Jientje said...

DELICIOSO!! You made my heart drool!

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