Honey Chocolate Chippers

I am still playing around with the traditional chocolate chip cookie recipe to try and find my own spin on this tasty treat.  This time around I prepared the cookie batter recipe as it is on the back of a chocolate chip bag... with a few small changes:

One: I replaced half of the brown sugar with dark sweet honey.  And oh honey... this was one delicious cookie!  Made a much smoother dough too!
Second: I put a ridiculous amount of sprinkles in the batter which is where we pick up this story.

Who says sprinkles are only for ice cream?  Why can't they go in chocolate chippers?  I had no idea what to expect from the tiny dots of color.  Would they melt into the dough and turn the cookie colors.  Would they stay round and crunch when you ate the cookie?  No clue.  That's what experimenting is for, right?

The dough was ready to go. 

Have I shown you the coolest utensil in my kitchen yet?  Yup, it's a cookie scooper.  Similar to a melon baller, but this little baby is responsible for a consistent sized cookie, which leads to a consistent cookie goodness! 

You see the orange part?  That part is a flexible rubber material that you can push in to aid in getting the cookie dough out.  I can't think of a cooler thing in the kitchen!

Here it is going in.  Scoops away!

See how uniform and consistent the cookie drops are?  Yes, that's my analyst side smiling.

Consistent cooking means each cookies is chewy and amazing!!  You can add a minute or two extra if you like the crunchy cookies.  In the Happy household we are all about the chewiness!

I sometimes find myself getting lazy to make up all of my batter.  Here is a simple way to work around having to make up all 99 million cookies. (And then having to eat them all at once.)

Cut a large sheet of wax paper and lay on a flat surface like so.

Put a big 'ole blog of dough on the same sheet toward the center.

Make the blob into a log with your hands, gently forming it.

Cover it up with the wax paper.

Put in a freezer safe zippy bag and toss in the freezer.  For my own sanity I use a sharpie to remind me what kind of cookies these are, when I froze them, how hot an oven they require, and how long to stick them in for. 

This also means that Mr. Happy can get his cookie fix with little help from me :)

When you want cookies, just remove the cookie roll from the freezer.  Unwrap.  Slice the roll in to somewhat thick slices.  Arrange on the pan.  And cook according to the handy directions you jotted down for yourself.

Voila.  Cookies!

What's your fun spin on a traditional cookie recipe?

Happy baking!


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chelsea rebecca said...

oh my goodness.. YUM YUM YUM!!!! i can't handle the deliciousness!!
sprinkles.. WHAT A GOOD IDEA!

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