Itsy bitsy...

The itsy bitsy spider...

...climbed up the water spout (stick of wood)...

...down came the rain (actually its dry) and washed the spider out...
out came the sun.... wait

...you put your left leg in and you shake it all about...

now the right leg
...put your right leg in and you shake it all about (you are playing along, right?)
you do the hokey pokey... lalala... that's what it's all about!!

I got a bit distracted there by the cute 'lil spider!
Mr. Happy built a kindling stick holder for me out of thick bushes/trees he had cut down.

He's so handy.

I'm so lucky.

Here he is pre-drilling a screw hole.

There is something very hot about my man and power tools -- HOT!

Yup, next comes the screw.

Here's a better look at the cradle getting finished.

Cool huh?

It's found a nice home near the wood stacks and is nearly filled to the top with little sticks and baby logs which will be really handy when we start up the wood stove or fireplace.

Are you handy?  What have you created to try and make your life easier?


chelsea rebecca said...

AHHHH that is too funny!!
i love it!!
that is the coolest little thing.
i wish i was that handy!!

Christie, Describe Happy said...

Aww thanks! I think I was getting out of hand with the spider dancing, but I had fun doing it!

Michael said...

Hey, there's mr. Happy! you are so funny--who else would take pics of a dancing spider?

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