Life Hath No Limits

When Mr. Toast gave out the latest Creative Tuesday assignment of "Limits" I cringed.

My brain flung from speed limits to social limits to family limits to physical limits....  you can see how dreadful this was going.  It felt like a mini-battle in my head.

I scratched the topic on my "to do" list for several days and everytime I referenced it I immediately thought of life and how you are only as limited in your life or your life choices as you choose to make yourself. 

What I mean is that You create the majority of those limits on yourself. 

Wouldn't it be interesting if you could free yourself from those self imposed limits?  --Wouldn't things be grand!

Well, that is what I was trying to interpret here in my art piece.  What if I could create a piece of art where I even took the art limits off myself? 
  • Roads don't have to be black with yellow lines and go straight.
  • The sky doesn't have to be a certain color. 
  • A pack of bikes can roam free without riders. 
  • A pyramid can wear high heels. 
  • Mountains can have holes with big ladders leading up to them. 
  • You can color outside the lines.  After all, lines are self imposed restrictions or limits... you follow?
Here is my sketch:

The more I look at this.. I think I am the little rabbit trying to navigate the life with no limits.

Here is how the piece finished out in color.  I'm excited and relieved and happy with the results!
I felt free afterwards.  Like I'm no longer trying to hold myself back. 


A closer look at the riderless bike pack.

Holey mountains.  Rope bridges from hole to hole.  Unplugged lights that shine.  Walking pyramids with ruby red high heels on.  Just click them together three times and wish you were home!

Kites with no kite masters.  Sigh, it's a beautiful thing!  Strange and yet so wonderful!

How will you try to remove some of your own limitations? 

Whose to say that you can't switch careers mid life and pursue your passion.  Whose to say that you can't do something like play the piano even if you haven't got two hands. 

Whose to say? 

Sometimes our biggest fights are with ourselves.

Let yourself be free!


Kay said...

love that you have totally surrendered to your imagination.....there really are no limits!!! x

Michael said...

WOW, Christie! Wow,wow, wow. I am soooooooo impressed. not only have you truly thrown off teh shackles of creative limitations but you wrote up this wonderful blog post which I adore. Truly, I feel "happy" jsut reading this. thank you for giving us all insight into how your worked through the limiting cringe factors to the liberating imagination. Oh my goodness, hahahhahaha. I actually feel bubbly and fizzy inside as i look at that rope ladder dropping down from a holey mountain, or those bicycles riding free or that hilarious pyramid with red shoes. LOL. you are so funny. this a great description too of describing happy. thank you so much for sharing all this with us. What a post. I'm so glad you. :D :D

Michael said...

BTw, I love the lil mushroom too adn in purple dots no less! hee.

Anonymous said...

Love the red shoes.Great job. Happy, Happy, Happy job.

Wanda said...

Oh my goodness, did you ever but your heart and soul and creative juices to work.

Love it, love it....and all your explanations...Hip Hoorah...Nice job.

Jane said...

I love the reasoning behind this

Christie, Describe Happy said...

Thank you all so much! I felt so liberated doing this. I am even considering doing a bigger version of this to enter in an art show.

Betsy Brock said...

There are NO limits to your creativity, christie! ;)

None said...

I enjoyed this!

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