Just Keep Swimming

I'm a proud momma.  Dog-ughter (pronounced like daughter), a.k.a. Katie-love, can swim!!!!!!!!

Here look.  I'll show you!

Katie, being a golden retriever, has always been in love with water.  She isn't too hesitant to just walk in and lay down for a bit of a cool off.  She has also been know to gulp large amounts of water and splash.
Sometimes she dunks herself a little too enthusiastically which leads to water in her nose.    
This causes her to get out and go rub her nose a bit to fix the tickle she may have.
Sometimes my mothering instincts kick in and I feel the need to help the little one out by giving her nose a good rub.  Mean 'ole water tickling her nose like that...
I wanted to see what her natural response would be to me going out in the water a bit further... and guess what.  For the most part she followed me.
However, as soon as her little doggy paws realized that the bottom of the lake was fading away or the water was getting taller she stopped and looked at me with those big brown eyes. 

I swear she was saying momma, oh how I ever want to follow you, but first I must get longer legs so I can keep my cute little nose dry.
I looked at those little brown eyes with compassion and explained that she was going to try something new today.  Something I swear she has done as a pup, but it's been awhile. 

I even explained that dogs are natural floaters and that her wee webbed feet were designed for this too!

Come on girlfriend, let's give this swimming thing a try!
The pep talk seemed to work as we went deeper and deeper. 
When she hit the farthest point she could stand I gently took her in my arms and pulled her a few more steps out.

She didn't really seem to mind all this when I held her.

But as soon as I started to let go I could hear her thinking I had tricked her...

"Momma, there is no ground here."

"How could you do this to me?"

"What do you mean paddle with my paws?  It'll never work"

"I need ground! Whhhaaaaa!"

"Oh wait.  This paddling thing isn't so bad."

"Momma, I don't know what you were worrying about, I'm a swimming natural."

Yup.  There's my girl!!  Swimming!  I'm a proud momma!!
She took a break after the first swim.  Yes, a much needed rest water side!
Which lead quickly into her realizing she had done it!  She swam!

Excited goldens are often known to run in really big fast circles! 


There she goes!
As fast as the wind!

I often find myself singing that Cake song about her "going the distance" ... "going for speed"
Make sure you bring your rain slicker with you. 

Wet goldens that have just run around a lot often like to shake afterwards and if you are within the splash zone it's a bit wet. 

Nothing compares to the smell of a good 'ole wet dog!
Now that she had her confidence up I wanted to show her the neat thing about sticks and water. 

You see, Katie loves sticks! 

And guess what she loves sticks in water too! 

See the yummy stick Katie?
Go get it!!

She did jump after it a bit in the water.  And still needs to get the hang of fetching a floating stick, but I could tell this was doggy heaven for her!

At one point, I think she decided she was going to swim the whole lake.  Either that or I forgot to teach her how to turn around? 

I guess I will have to think harder about which way I point her before she just takes off and paddles.
She did manage to turn back toward me.  (Thank goodness!)

Man 'o man this little doggy has my heart!
We ended the first lesson on a happy note after a really good paddle which apparently made her thirsty. 

Awww... that little tongue!
We walked home.  Both of us dripping wet and then stayed outside a bit to dry off.

Now, if this isn't a picture of golden happiness... then I don't know what is.

A BIG thank you to Mr. Happy for taking the pictures!

And I can sure see a lot more swimming in our future as the dog days of summer go on!


odessa7 said...

She looks so happy; man did she end up in the right home.

Christie, Describe Happy said...

I'm glad we found Katie too! Imagine if we landed a prissy dog that didn't like the outdoors or getting dirty?

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