Take a Walk

Sometimes all you need is a walk to clear your mind and put you in a happy state of mind.

Mr. Happy and I walked on the Walkway's Across the Hudson River -- very cool stuff!! 

Here is the entrance to the converted railroad bridge.

It's official name is Walkway Over The Hudson.  I believe it is also a state park.

I had lots of unique photo opportunities.  I really like the contrast of what looks like a backward flag and the black chain link fence.

We kept marvelling at how it seemed like we were walking in the tree tops (since the bridge is so tall and the trees start waaaay below on the ground).

It was really a beautiful day for a walk.  Just look at this sky!

As we walked along we started to get a glimpse of the Hudson River.

Looking to the left was a park and another bridge.  Pretty stuff!

It never fails to impress me.... I live in such a pretty place.

Or I like the look of water.  Very calming.  It's pretty to see all the shades of blue together too!  The sky, water, clouds, and even land seems to have a blueish tone to it.

Another look at the bridge as we were nearing the center of the span.

(Not to take this lightly; I understand it's mean to help a potential jumper), but there are days that I could really really use this same type of sign in my office.

The center of the walkway held a plaque.

The plaque talked about the engineers who made this project happen.  Whoop whoop!!  Engineers!! 

Couldn't get enough of the bridge and the currents that you could see below it.

Flag in the wind.  Beautiful sight!

Where have you walked lately?

Did you notice that walking (and talking) can really clear you mind and let your frustrations fly away in the wind?

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chelsea rebecca said...

aw i love long walks with loved ones!
such gorgeous photos!!

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