Happy Under the Sea Day

I have been working on my Creative Tuesday entry for the "Under the Sea" theme, hosted by the lovely Mr. Toast, for the last week!

(sorry for the terrible picture lighting!!)

It makes me giggle when I work on it. 

It makes me laugh to think of what these two charaters would say if I met them.

And, I have taken for. ever. to finish coloring it.  for. ever!

But here it is.

My Under the Sea!! 

Hope you are able to enjoy it as much as I have!

Click here to check out all the other amazing entries and to find out what the next theme will be!  And perhaps you will join us?


Michael said...

Christie, I always love your stuff. You effuse happiness to me! you must be a really lovely person to know in one;s social circle too, right? :) I had to laugh at this story and that lil' clam with pearl in the bottom corner. So, is that game called spongeball perhaps? Aww. it;s darling. thank you. no worries on lighting. I can fix that on my end.

I'll have you know I waited for you to post this before doing the montage so can get to that now. Thank you so much. I can't wait to see how you put happiness in the next theme. Hmm.....

Betsy Brock said...

Oh, that poor little puffer fish gets to be the basketball! haha. And somehow I think the octopus has an unfair advantage with all of those arms! :) Very, very cute!

Christie, Describe Happy said...

Mmm, your incredible! Thank you for waiting! I need to get better at posting these sooner. I so enjoy participating, thanks for the reason to doodle with a purpose!

Betsy, I know... poor puffer! Thank you!

Wanda said...

This is such a darling and fun entry. I'm smiling and can't stop. I've got to learn to lighten up...thanks for your inspiration.

Christine said...

what a playful take on the sea Christie!

Kay said...

such a fun take on the theme...it also seems like a page of a story book...now what will they do next....have a cup of tea and seaweed sandwiches!!.....love it!! x

Heather said...

he he he. This is so cute and fun!!!

chelsea rebecca said...

oh my gosh this is way too cute!
happy under the sea day!

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