I'm shocked!

And excited!

And jumping up and down!!

Remember I told you about the art show in March?

I posted pictures here of the origami bouquet I entered.  Lot's of color, all different styles and paper, and over 50 flowers. 

This is another up close look at the bouquet I simply called Spring.

Well... what's the good news your are asking?  I will probably never see the bouquet again.

 I just sold my first origami bouquet.  WHEEEEE!!

Crazy, right?

I have done origami for what seems like for-e-v-e-r.  Enjoyed it simply and never thought anything else about it.

I feel like this is one of those ah ha moments in life.

In the spirit of capturing the moment... I came up with a name for it.

What do you call something that you didn't think would happen, something positive that catches you by surprise, something that if you were asked about you would have called utterly ridiculous?  I'm naming it a REDUNK... as in this was totally and absolutely redunkuless! 

It comes complete with the redunk dance -- whoop whoop!!  (no pictures of that please)

Hope you are finding ways to celebrate your Friday!  Sending a little redunk cheer your way!


Cynthia said...

that's fantastic & totally deserved I love your origami flowers!

Lisa said...

Oh how so colourful. Spring thriving.

Christie, Describe Happy said...

Thanks lovelies!! Hope you had a fantastic weekend!

Jientje said...


Suburban Girl said...

Congrats! And it is lovely too. Flowers that won't wilt.

lissa said...

hooray!! & congratulations!

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