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I am excited I stumbled across the Reluctant Entertainer.  Sandy is a warm and kind spirit who come across to me as earthy and real! 

She hosts a weekly link up called "Home is..."  To me, she has carefully selected amazing things that really define what home is. 
You see I'm a military brat (child of parent in US military -- Army specifically).  And for as long as I can remember I have always said, "Home is where your tush is."  Which more or less means that you don't need brick and mortar, or stuff, or one place forever.  As long as you have your loved ones with you then any place, no matter how far away, remote, or foriegn, can be home.
In this link up, Sandy has asked us to share fresh flowers from around the house.  And you all know how much I am in love with my hands in the dirt, so this was a no brainer.  It also certainly defines home for me now to say these are flowers from my gardens.  So cool!!
I can't resist sharing more tulip shots.  I can see many many many more tulips in my future and am really enjoying how long the season has lasted this year!  They are beginning to drift away with the weather heating up which will leave room for the next batch of pretties, but I sure enjoyed these!

Do you have any particular flowers that mean home to you?  What flowers are you most looking forward to next? 

For me, I would have to say my tiger lilies, but at the same time I also have a bunch of new types to look forward to -- cool mystery plants that have never lived in a garden of mine before.  Part of the joys of your first spring/summer in a new house. 

I'm cherishing every moment!

To see other Home is participants just go here!

(I'm a little bit late joining in this week, hope you don't mind!)


Unknown said...

so pretty! tulips always remind me on my mom's garden when i was very little

Jientje said...

I have been looking forward to see your tulip photos, and you did not disappoint me!

Suburban Girl said...

I love that red and white tulip It reminds me of a candy cane.

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