You Must

I was reminded recently of a quote that really struck home with me.  I have been lacking courage and confidence.  I have been thinking the things around me are too big to tackle.  Or as my Dad put it, I have been worrying that my bag was too heavy to carry. 

I need to shake all of that out my head and focus on the things I can effect (or is it affect?).  Living in the now -- not dwelling on the past -- will lead to a more happy me.

"You must do the thing you think you cannot do" by Eleanor Roosevelt.

Speaking of the now.  My seedlings are sprouting and growing bigger every day!

These are baby lettuce's getting taller/
I adore watching things grow. 

In this shot, you can see how they are leaning toward the sunlight.  Smarty little plants, aren't they?  I try and remember to turn them every few days.  It's fun to watch them dance side to side as they stretch forward. 

Good example to be followed here.  No matter what in life turns you this way or that ... if we just keep reaching stubbornly for the sunlight -- life will rock!
This is a little pea plant waking up.  I took this snap a few days ago already and this little guy is already a few inches tall and has several leaves.  Not too much longer and I will need to put these outside!
The tomatoes are also doing what tomatoes do! 
And this little seedling turned three at the end of April.  Happy Birthday Katie!  I can't imagine things without you and I can't imagine how lost I would feel if you were there to remind me to keep things simple.

I really needed this pep talk!  What do you do when things feel tough, unmanagable, and/or overwhelming?


Jientje said...

I also try to turn my face to the sun.
Try NOT to worry too much. Which is not always easy. I count my blessings, and look for things that make me smile, like your blog!
Happy Birthday Katie!

Christie, Describe Happy said...

Jientje, yes, important to count our blessings!!

Suburban Girl said...

Love the way the lettuces reach toward the light.

When overwhelmed I escape and do something I love then come home and focus on one thing that needs to be dealt with. Then slowly address each thing til I feel under control. I know, somethings are out of control and like Jientje says, count your blessings!

You could post this as a Midweek Blues link! There are several newbies this week.

Cynthia said...

No matter what in life turns you this way or that ... if we just keep reaching stubbornly for the sunlight -- life will rock! I love that especially because its so true! sorry to hear that you've got a heavy load of things going on I know that things will get better God is faithful to the end and never gives you more than you can handle I believe that!

chelsea rebecca said...

i so needed to hear that quote. is such a great one!!
i'm loving the progress of watching your plants grow! SO WONDERFUL!!

Christie, Describe Happy said...

Rebecca, I really like your approach! I think I did a version of it yesterday by going out to mow the lawn. Gave me a chance to not think about things... empty my brain if you will... so I could try again later.

Cynthia, thanks sweetie! Very important to remember that. I also believe God will only give you as much as you can handle. He must think I am one tough cookie. I need to believe more of that myself!

Chelsea, glad the quote struck with you too!! And I also enjoy seeing the little guys progress!

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