Rambling into 2011

It's really funny how things unfold sometimes, isn't it?  Here is an example which I feel the need to ramble about. 

It happened while I was pondering this happy little spot yesterday.  Thinking about the types of things I post about, wondering if I go on about certain things too much or if I am neglecting other things.  Thinking deeply about what I am hoping to accomplish with this space and how I will know if I am successful. 

You know... all those thought provoking items.

I cozied in with a cup of green energy tea and look what I found on the tea bag tag...

How's that for right on!?!!

I look forward to taking on my mission to seek and be happy very seriously in 2011 and of course share large doses of that here.

And how about a sew-a-thon?  I have seen lots of comments about how my adventures might be inspiring you to pick up a needle and thread or dust off your sewing machine -- and I'm all about that! 

So, let me know... maybe we could start with some hand sewing to make say... a pin cushion, small dolly, or one of those fabulous fabric birds?  We could progress to an apron, tiny tiny quilt or anything really.  Sky's the limit!  So, it's not really a sew-a-thon more like... 'I Know I Can Sew' or a 'I Told Me Sew', or 'You Can Sew Do It!'  Can't wait to hear what you think, pick a start date and give it a go... if we start in January we could make something for say Valentines Day, St. Paddy's Day, Mother's Day -- so cute -- I'm getting out of hand, ha!

Alright lovelies, I hope your path is revealing itself for you as well.  It's the smallest things sometimes that give you the biggest nudges.  Let them move you!


Jennifer Bower said...

A great thought for the end of 2010. You share of yourself beautifully. All the best for 2011.

My Sweet Prairie said...

That is so right on! Yes indeed!
My life is a sew-athon, so I might not join in, however, I'm sure you can tempt me. I do postcard swaps at Postcard Cottage if you ever want to sew some of those up! They are very creative, very quick, and cost only one stamp each. ?


1000 Goldens said...

I love little moments like that :) Happy New year and best wishes on your happy mission!

Augie and Ti's mom said...

I'm not sure about the sewing part, but I love that saying! Happy New Year! I really enjoy your happy blog!

MJ said...

I think I can do this!! I so need a teacher with my sewing!!

Seaweed and Raine said...

Reading about a little sew-a-long, a little thrill of excitement tingled through me... having just sewn my first 3 items on the sewing machine, this might be just what I need :)
A good dose of motivation ;)

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