Kiss me, hug me

I got this little figurine while I was in Amsterdam with Mr. Happy.  It always reminds me of the wonderful memories of the trip! 

It was one of those trips where you travel a long time to get where you going.  When you get there you sleep really well.  You eat really well.  And you like it so much that you try and brainstorm ways that you never have to leave. 

Can you picture the two of us at a brown cafe over Heinekens or Amstels trying to figure out how we can maybe purchase a flat or boat house?  We talked about the kind of work we could do and even how we would get Katie sent over.
The trip also reminds me how crazy in love we are!  Before Mr. Happy came into my life, I was hard pressed to find someone else who dreams the same dreams or who would entertain my crazy ideas and find some wisp of viability in them to build on. 

Mr. Happy proposed to me in Amsterdam!  It's where we became a real family.  It's where we shared our fears and excitement about our future together.  It's where I learned how much I needed this man in my life.

I know what you're thinking.  This little statue really makes you think of all these things?


It sure does!

Happiness is cherishing the ones around you and telling them how incredible they make you feel!  Kiss and hug someone you love (or even kinda like) today!

This is also my entry into this week's Midweek Blues hosted by Rebecca at The Dusty Cellar


Jientje said...

What a sweet momentum, lots of happy memories ...

chelsea rebecca said...

oh my goodness this is so sweet!
i love it.
memories are simply the greatest!

Suburban Girl said...

So glad you found Mr Happy and have so many good memories.

Dianne said...

that's a sweet figurine and it's wonderful that it carries all those lovely memories and feelings

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