A Green Jug?

As a part of the weather getting warmer, Mr. Happy and I have resumed our projects outside.  Our recent adventures led us to finding this totally cool, totally green glass jug!

Me here.  Interrupting myself.  

So, I had this whole post worked out, but the day got away from me.  I was, however, reminded how important real connections with real amazing people are.  

I had lunch with a friend today and had a blast!  We laughed and talked, schemed and planned.  It was exactly what I needed.  

It reminds me that I need to make a better effort to stay more connected (in a real way) with all the cool people I am so lucky to be blessed with in my life. 

Mr. Happy found this as we were putting our new shed up.  It was neatly tucked into a little pocket between the rock and the tree and covered with leaves.

Here's a closer look!
I lifted it out and it still has liquid in it.  Crazy right?  We are thinking remnants from the previous owner. 

Fun to think about what it could have been.  Did they make their own wine?  Was this a way of hiding something?  Wonder if it was forgotten about?
Even the cap had neat details. 

Happiness is finding the unexpected in everyday places!

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Jientje said...

Happiness is reading your blog and discovering the unexpected you seem to manage to come up with each day! Loved it!

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