Lady Love

I haven't posted very much of Katie banana lately.  By now you must be in withdrawl, right?

I know I am.  No.  Seriously.  I am!

I am pulling some Katie snaps from the archives today, while I tell you about a few of her recent antics.

Here she is!  Just look at those whiskers and eyelashes. 

And her nose!

It's just so cute I could bite it!
I've been taking Katie next door (after work) for a playdate with the kids there. 

It's such a blast to see her mush on them and them mush on her.  She does the obligatory dog things like chase a stick, shake paw for a biscuit, play with a ball, and chase the girls around. 

And then she goes above and beyond with her Katie silliness! 

She'll lick them in the face (which makes them squeal... which eggs Katie on more).  She leans on them in a long adorable hug. 

Yesterday, she stole the water pan that was put out for her, spilling the water everywhere, and then began to prance around the yard with the now empty pan.  We all errupted in to laughter. 

Classic Katie silliness!
I don't think I have told you yet how our girl is becoming quite the country dog.  Or maybe she has really been a country dog all along and now we are just letting her explore it more. 

What do I mean?

She's chasing squirrels now. 

I know.  Yikes!  I feel terrible for the squirrels. 

She's pretty fast, but thank goodness she doesn't seem to see them run up the trees.  I am fairly certain that she thinks that they just disappear in to thin air. 

This is similar to the look I get after one of her squirrels gets away.  And this is what I have determined she is thinking afterwards...

"Mom, I almost had that one. 
Do you know where it went?  I know I will get the next one. 
What do you mean I am not supposed to chase them? 
They run from me.  They want me to chase them.  It's a game we're playing. 
Mom, you don't understand."
You can tell these are from a while back, just look at that snow!  The snow has since melted, but here is that look again! 

Deep loving eyes.  Very attentive.  I could just kiss that muzzlepuff!
I almost titled this post Lady Slobber.  But I didn't want to deter you from reading on.  It's true, she does harbor a lot of slobber. And she also shares a lot of her slobber with anyone who is a willing and naive recipient.  

Poor kids with slobbery hands.

I can't tell you exactly what it is about this little girl that makes me love her so much, but I do know that I have one of the best titles in all the land. 

I'm Katie's mom!

That is the way that so many people know me.  No clue what my name is.  They know nothing about my job or hobbies.  They just know that I travel with the cutest companion who is nothing but a lover.  My Lady Love!

Today's happiness comes from a strange unofficial title that you may have.  Something that defines who you are or what you are about... and of course brings you lots and lots of happiness!


Golden Woofs! SUGAR said...

Woof! Woof! Katie ... you are sure lucky n lovely. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

Jientje said...

She's adorable!

JenRem said...

Oh my - I'm in love. SO ADORABLE! :)

chelsea rebecca said...

awww SHE IS SO CUTE!!!!
i absolutely love her!!

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