Monday Monday (sing it to the tune)

Today was a Monday alright. 

A Monday that I would have rather spent doing this.

Or would rather have spent the day smelling these.

Or reading this while snuggled under the covers, sipping a cup of tea.

Great quotes from the book:

"In the race to be your best, there is no losing."

"A winner is a person who goes out today and everyday and attempts to be the best runner and best person they can be"

Today felt a bit like a battle.  Allergies, itchy bug bite, constant cough, sleepy.  It's important in general, but especially on day's like today, to focus on the goodness all around.

What are your go to happy thoughts that make your day better?


chelsea rebecca said...

those flowers are gorgeous!
my go to happy though is a cup of tea and late night with jimmy fallon at the end of every day!!

Cynthia said...

allergies are no joke when I was in new york I thought I was cured haha being in the city no trees then after coming home I was hit woth so much pollen my sinues still hurt, feel better!

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