Plaidly Manly Quilt

I am working on a quilt for a lovely person in my life who I want to make a tad bit warmer and snuggled!

The inspiration went as follows:

I had this pair of pants that didn't fit right, but I wanted to steal the pockets from it and incorporate them into a quilt.  Who doesn't want a quilt with a handy pocket?

The person I am making this for is of the male variety... so I dug through my fabrics and pulled all the manly colors and patterns out.

The blue swirls and stars fabric didn't end up getting used (yet) and it may not be used in this project.

As I started to pick through the fabric I noticed a cool theme of plaids.  With all that action in the fabric already, I knew I would benefit from a simple pattern.

Like squares!!

I was feeling a bit lazy to follow a particular quilt pattern, so I just started cutting the fabrics into strips and then squares of three sizes with a lap size quilt in my head. 

This quilt has been itching to come out of my head for a few weeks now and it's great to see it shaping up like I thought it might.

Once I had lots of squares all stacked up... I started to lay them out into a sort of 'planned' pattern.  --read, I  made it all up here folks.

Yes, I'm on the floor and this is the layout I ended up liking the most.  I need to learn more about what a piecing wall is and figure out how to get one/make one pronto! 

Yes, fabric on the floor drove my doggy crazy.  At one point she leaped into the room and did a home run slide on all the loose squares and then ran out like a wild banshee!  See what I mean about needing that wall!

Dang, I love that dog!!

As of last night I have sewn most of the top together -- the middle, the borders, that cool pocket!!  And even though I free hand cut the squares, they fit -- phew, perfection doesn't really live here, this is more about love and comfort!

I am still not sure if it's big enough... its coming in about 45 x 36... but I will make a final sizing decision once I get the rest of the pieces together tonight.

A closer look at the pocket that started this whole thing.  Doesn't it look neat with those different sized squares surrounding it?

I'm thinking you could put tissues, or a cell phone, or a fork and knife, or a pretty letter in that pocket.  The options are really endless -- well I guess the size is limited, but you know what I mean :)

All the fabric to this point was left over or saved from other projects... but I didn't have anything for the back that said "uber soft and warm -- like a big big hug." 

So, I picked up this very light blue-gray fleece material and can't wait to start making up a big 'ole plaidly sandwich.

I'm hoping to have this sewn together, loose threads clipped, quilted, and binded by the end of the weekend.  Really looking forward to putting this quilt in the person's hands!!  Yes, I'll tell you more once I gift it!

Linking to My Creative Space hosted by Kootoyoo, where you can see lots of other creative works in progress and kicking the Midweek Blues with Rebecca at The Dusty Cellar.


Kerry said...

A quilt with a pocket in it! Now that's a cool idea.My dogs would create havoc if I laid this on the floor; it looks like your puppy managed to create minimal chaos:)

Anonymous said...

I love this quilt - it's given me a great idea for a christmas gift for my eldest nephew - as I'm doing a handmade Christmas! :D

Dianne said...

I would LOVE a quilt with a pocket!!
and your patterns are fantastic :)

Anonymous said...

Great idea and I love the blue!

SouthernSass said...

I think this is a great quilt and I wish I had the patience to attempt it! I have some quilts that my grandmother made and I treasure them.

Photography said...

Oh how unique! I love the pocket idea - never would have even thought of it myself. It's really nice so far. How funny about your dog - she sound cute!

Kathy said...

When you give the quilt to your guy, I think you should put something special in the pocket.

Craftberry Bush said...

Loving the plaids! when do u start mine? Have a great weekend!

Aunt Spicy said...

I am super loving this quilt, how fun! And thanks for your support on getting the word out for 100 Quilts for Christmas!

ana @ i made it so said...

hi christie, interesting idea, that little pocket in there :)

Unknown said...

I love plaid and I LOVE that pocket idea! It looks great!

Suburban Girl said...

Gosh, you cook AND you sew. Good for you. I would love to sew.

Alicia said...

So I think the pocket is perfect for the remote, when using the quilt to snuggle up on the couch! I always lose the remote in the quilts when cuddling under. Hmmm....I think my husband needs one of these!

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