Come Walk in the Woods

Even with fall setting in and the weather cooling off I still can't resist a walk in the woods. 

Come for a quick walk, won't you?
There are seed pods releasing seeds and old rock structures looking camouflaged in the orange and red leaves.

The lake is looking gorgeous with it's surrounding pop of color.

There are bushes brightly changing and giving off one last show before the snow.

The fluffy tails are blowing in the wind.

It's blustery... leaves blowing this way and that, dancing down the sky and landing softly on the water.

Yup.  It's fall alright.  Hard to believe that Thanksgiving is next week too. 

Hope you enjoyed the slower pace today.  More projects and creative goodness coming tomorrow!


Jenny said...

Oh such beautiful photos...I LOVE the bursting seed one, looks almost alien like! stunning! :)

Golden Woofs! SUGAR said...

Woof! woof! Very NICE ... Enjoy the Holiday Thanksgiving. We are on a blogging Break. Will be missed all your neat crafty projects. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

Anonymous said...

Is this near where you live? It's gorgeous and although I love the little stone structure - I watch way too many horror films so would probably give it a wide berth! ;D

Photography said...

I LOVE your shots - really makes me want to be there ;-)

Denise said...

Hi Christie.
First of all thank you for stopping by Junkdog Designs and commenting on my Christmas Dressed Chicken. I am doing a Craft a Day while Colt's away series. (Son left 2 weeks ago for Iraq for a year) so there will be much more craziness going on my blog. I'm the New Bulldog Follower! Come back and visit anytime and would love for you to follow too, if ya like!


Denise said...

By the Way...I so meant to tell you, GREAT PHOTOGRAPHY. Your pictures are Beautiful!!

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