Pierre Announces the Little Birdie Winner!!

Pierre's regrets he could not make today's post (he was lost on my sewing bench somewhere, so missed out on the group photos), but he has instead sent his friends Basile, Cosme, Gustave, and Louis to announce the WINNER of the Little Fabric Birdie Giveaway!!

Aren't French names just wonderful for these little feathered friends?

Winner winner chicken dinner!!  -- don't you love saying that... quick... what movie is that quote from?

There were 15 entries.... and some very happy things shared...

... and the winner is...

drum roll please

... Congratulations to Seaweed and Raine who said:
The scent of summer in the air after a ripping summer storm, the giggle of my one year old son when he sees something that you or I would normally miss, and giving gifts to others makes me happy! :)

Whoopie!  Don't we all love a fun giveaway?!!

Anywho, I spent last night cutting more Fandango (shared the strip tease yesterday here).  The pattern I'm making up is starting to become more clear. 

Don't you just adore the aqua, pink, brown, and yellow combos here?  And there is even a splash of orange thrown in for good measure!  *adore!*

Here is what I am thinking for the blocks.  Trying to create a whole mess of "X's" or crosses... the name noodling around in my head is something like the "X" Marks the Spot Quilt. 

Tonight and tomorrow I am planning on a whole mess of block sewing!!  I think these will be about 6 1/2 inch blocks when finished... I'm still trying to decide if they need a border around them or if I will just make more blocks to reach my twin size quilt. 

No clue.  Just winging it.  And loving every moment!! 

Hope you are loving every moment of your day too!

1 comment:

Heather said...

congratulations to the winner. love the french birdies, oh Pierre, how cute.
great colors. i am a huge fan of the aqua and red combo.

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