Confetti Quilt is ALIVE!

Confetti began here with cut pieces that were one inch by one inch in a wide range of colors from my scraps.

As I began playing with the squares they begged for a background, so I dug around came up with this square which is about 21 inches square.

I started arranging them into cute color coordinated flowers.

I even pinned the heck out of it. 

The it hit me *bam* that in order to stay true to confetti... that this had to be a celebration of chaos!!

I began to rearrange and re-pin.

I added more and more until I exhausted my tiny square pile.  Yes, I already see more of these in my future!

I went right to layering this with batting and and a backing and safety pinned things in place.

Quick sneak at the picnic yellow backing -- so cheerful!!

And off I went.  Round and round and round I went with the free motion foot on.  I just did the edge around each square with some simple swirls between to draw a connecting line.

I decided I wanted frayed edges.  It's organic, it's chaos, it's true to confetti!

Here you can see the back right corner is sewn down.  Slow and steady progress.  

I finished nearly 1/2 of the squares in one sitting.  It was also fun to come back over the next day or so to sew a few more squares at time.  It's a really easy project to pick up and put down again.

I'm getting to the end of them now.

When I finished I squared the mini quilt and the results are the trims below.  Is it funny that all I see is stuffing for more birds and strips for more tiny squares??!!?!

I have yet to put the binding on as I am still trying to decide it Confetti is finished.  I showed it to Mr. Happy and he said that I should add more color.  More color?  Hmm... but I do see what he means.  I think it is still too uniform, like I am still fighting the chaos.

I am debating adding embellishments like beads or buttons. 
I am debating if I want to do more quilting with all sorts of colors of thread. 
I am debating if I should take this chance to try embroidery.
Yes, I am still debating.  Which is why I am leaving you on a trim pile and not the finished thing. 

Fun to see things develop isn't it?  And I also have to report that I have Central Park fabrics are cut, sewn, ironed, and adorning my fabric wall. 

Hoping to show you more tomorrow and seriously all your thoughts and ideas are welcome!  I can't wait to hear what you think too!


Wendy said...

That is awesome! I love the way you attached and quilted the confetti...chaos was a good decision. As for the rest, I'm all for adding beads and or buttons. Just my humble opinion!

Jenn Bower said...

I am amazed. I would stab myself throughout a project like that. You have such a great eye and are so prolific. They joy shows through in your work.

MJ said...

I love this quilt!! There is something so fun and joyful about it!

Carol said...

How cool! I could see where a few dark squares might help the quilt pop. You have a lot of lights and mediums, so that might make the difference.

My Fabric Tuesday link is http://carolburris.com/crafting/new-purse/

Teje said...

Hello! This quilt is wonderful! Really great idea and the finished quilt is so beautiful! Thank you for inspiration!
Your dog is adorable!
Wishes from Crete! Teje and Nero

Unknown said...

What a neat idea! I say go with a striped or polka dot binding to add your extra bit of color!

Perry said...

Great quilt! I didn't know anyone was making these any more. Have not seen one sense my grandma was making them in the 70's.

Verna Luga said...

made with love I'm sure... great colors too... dropping by for midweek blues.


Carletta said...

What a fun post!
I know this takes a lot of work. My MIL was a quilter.
I can see buttons and beads added.
Hope you'll show us the end result.

SewSara said...

brilliantly done! i love scrappy quilts like this!

Unknown said...

what an amazing project! creating something is quite fun. lovely.

Midweek Blues

CraftyMummy said...

Great idea! I've never seen a confetti quilt, but I can already imagine using up my scraps on one :o) I'm thinking I could iron on the scraps with Vliesofix to avoid all the pins...

EG CameraGirl said...

What a neat way to use up bits of beautiful fabric! Awesome!

Augie and Ti's mom said...

Ooo, that's so pretty! I think I have to start becoming more productive!

Dianne said...

I love the background, it's a perfect canvas for all the colors

I could wrap myself up in a quilt like that and be very happy :)

anne maskell said...

What a great idea! It would be perfect as a baby quilt!

Suburban Girl said...

Love the idea of a confetti quilt and yours is looking like confetti too. Can't wait to see which debates win out!

My PC is back and working! :)

Carol said...

Your quilt looks beautiful, and what a great idea the confetti is. I love looking at the whole procedure. You are very clever.

Jim said...

Christie, it is a beautiful quilt. With or without color, either way it will be very nice.

I think without the color it will have more of an old timey quilt character.

Unknown said...

that is so cool looking! and a lot of work. I think it is becoming a lost art.

Beka said...

no buttons. more squares. (sounds like a union chant...)

Melissa said...

wow - you rock! i, too, could not have cut that cute fabric :)

Stacey - Elle Belle said...

So I know very little about quilting and even less about doing anything in a free flowing/chaotic style (the thought of it makes me want to hold my breath :)) but maybe some darker colors and even a different shape... like triangles... or is that breaking the rules?

Quiltstory said...

That is such a cool project! Thanks for linking up to Quiltstory!

kayerj said...

what a fun quilt idea. my little grandchildren would have a blast with this. Kaye—the road goes ever ever on

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