Crochet Hearts on a String

Yes, I also dabble with crochet.  I needed project I could tuck in my bag, work on for a few minutes at a time, and not feel guilty ignoring.  Voila... crochet hearts!! 

Do you read Design*Sponge?  I saw this post with instructions on how to create a cute heart garland!!  Fun right?

I used the Sugar and Cream brand yarn... one with lots of colors... some pink which you would expect, but I like the touch of fern green and charcoal!

I finished off one ball of yarn in about two days and those little hearts have brought peace and harmony to my hands and mind.  Can't think of woes whilst counting rows!

I haven't quite decided how many hearts I will put on a string... maybe lucky seven sounds right?

And I couldn't resist making a few from this pink, brown, and magenta baby yarn.  These are so soft!! 

I may make a few garlands to gift... or how cute would one of these be on a small gift box... or on a ribbon wrapped around a bunch of flowers?  I think you could even make them into a fabric note card!

Here's to busy hands to settle busy minds.

And to sending a little love your way.  XOXO


Seaweed and Raine said...

I have been waiting for you to post on the hearts! :)Now that I have a new pattern to try, i can't wait to get to it - thanks!
I LOVE the baby yarn you used for this one - so pretty. I'd hang it in my room (Maybe over the mirror) :)

Angela said...

They are adorable! I think you must be more than just a dabbler in crochet...the hearts are awesome!

MJ said...

Yay! Love the heart garland! And the yarns you used are awesome!!

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