QuiltStory Block Party - Fandango Friendship

It's a bird...?

It's a plane...?

...nope... it's Block Party time!! ... at QuiltStory to be exact!!

It seemed to be the perfect time to open up this book that I often use for inspiration and construction. 

While contemplating this challenge, I decided I wanted to pick out a keystone for my in progress 'X' Marks the Spot quilt. 

And flipping through, my fingers landed here...

I see an X, don't you?  And the rest went together rather quickly!  I am reminded how much I *heart* Fandango and how much I missed working on my X design.  I had been stumped for a few weeks on the direction I wanted to continue and this has been the perfect reason for me to find my mojo!

I know I will be making a few more of these with different combos! 

Here is the block all put together and ironed!  Introducing Fandango Friendship!

So, glad this challenge popped up and pushed me in this direction.  It's exactly what I needed!!  I will be entering in the Traditional category -- have you seen the other blocks?  So many styles I would love to try ... so much inspiration all in one place!

Just look how happy Friendship looks with the other cross blocks.  They are all getting acquainted now and I am secretly wishing for a snow day to cut and piece a bunch more!  Hey, happy cow... are you saying hi too?  Did you spot the tiny Sew-a-thon cow in that picture?

Katie, my trusty assistant, even licked the block in approval.  The slobber was added after I took these pictures, but I assure you she is a top notch assistant and quality inspector!

Check out all the other amazing entries here!!

Fresh Poppy Design


verykerryberry said...

I love that block Christie- even the little dog ear triangles at the end look like an integral part of it!

Vickie said...

I love that block! The fandango fabric is gorgeous and you put it together so well! Love the gold 'points'!

Quiltstory said...

Love your block! Looks hard! The fandango fabric is great.Thanks for linking to our block party!

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