Hands in Dirt {paperwhites}

There was a bit of spring that poked it's head in to say hello over the weekend that has me swooning for some 'hands in the dirt' time!  For those of you who are just getting to know me... I am usually at my happiest when my hands are in the dirt gardening.  Are you that way too?

Here is my mid-winter gardening improv since the temps are back to single digits (F) and everything is still mega frozen.

I gathered a bunch of small containers.  Some are meant to be dirt pots, others were mugs (the golden retriever one is cracked, but is way to cute to be thrown out) or jars at one point in their life.  But today and for the next few months they will all be dirt pots!

I remembered I had bought these paperwhite bulbs around Christmas time when they were on sale.  They sat hidden and mostly forgotten in the garage since then.  The poor things needed rescuing!

Still, it's funny how determined they are... the bulbs were sprouting right in the bag, so I figured why not... let's plant them and give them a real chance!

And here are all those cute little green tips ready to be watered and set in a well lite place to grow!  I put one bulb in each container and then distributed the containers throughout the house to add cheer all around!

The extra cool factor, is that once these have bloomed, I can transplant them to the outside garden (once the frost warnings are gone) and they will bloom year after year!!  How's that for resourcefulness!

And, speaking of flowers... just look at these beauties!!  So bright and delicate!  The mister truly spoils me!

See that first jar -- the one closest in the picture?  Yes, that was the inspiration that started this whole thing.  I needed another container to have a total of six, so that I could get these babies planted. 

You can read about how I created the fabric covered jar/pot and make one of your own!

There is something about doing this that has me convinced spring is another day closer!!  Until then, we will keep a close watch as these bulbs grow and hopefully bloom (despite my earlier neglect).

Sending warm thoughts your way!  Unless your hot, in which case I have some snow and ice I could spare :)


Seaweed and Raine said...

I love the green and white spotted pot :) I'm sure it will look delightful with paperwhites blooming in it! I love this idea - I think I might have to see if I can give it a go here not that it's super cold here in winter, but just having blooms in the house when outside is looking a bit bleek would be much better.

Craftberry Bush said...

Ok seriously? were we split at birth or something? I just planted the bulbs I had in the garage two days ago, they had a little bit of green showing and now they have some leafs....I put mine in pastel ice cream cups ready for spring....:o)
ps. the post is up!

Teje said...

Hi! Thank you for your sweet words! Sorry I have missed your latest posts...I love your quilt with tiny patches! And the fabric jar is the greatest idea! Thank you for sharing how you made it!
Always nice to see your beautiful dog!
x Teje

Suburban Girl said...

Good for you, these will be beautiful shortly!

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