Fabric Covered Jar/Pot

This fabric covered jar is a cinch and would be a really cute gift for Mother's Day, birthdays, and can even be used as personalized storage!

Ready?  Let's grab a few supplies and a few free minutes and pull one of these together!

I started with this empty queso jar.  You could use any container really, but the cool thing about using this is... it a fun way to 'upcycle' what would otherwise be considered trash/recycle.  Bonus... it's low cost!!!

I also grabbed a handful of fabric scraps I have saved from other projects and a medium sized paint brush.

Last ingredient is that sticky awesome glue called Mod Podge!!  I used the outdoor variety for this project since I wanted to make sure the final jar was water proof.  Just imagine all the uses!! (hint: flower pot!)

Start by removing any stickers (or not) and then slather mod podge glue all over the surface of the jar.

Now, start layering the scraps on in any design.  I was going for crazy random, so just started picking up pieces and placing them on.

It's ok if the pieces overlap.  And feel free to dab extra glue where you need it to help the pieces stick.

Once the fabric scraps cover the surface of the jar...

Yes! Slather on the mod podge!!  Lots and lots.  It dries clear, so it's ok to lay it on a little thick in order to make sure all the edges are glued and covered.

Last step.  Find a place for the jar to dry.  I tipped my upside down on a screwdriver tucked into my pen holder.  You are basically looking for a spot away from doggy hair and tongues... and Little's fingers. 

After a short while the glue started to set nicely and clear up.  Just look at all those pretty scraps!!

You know it's ready to go when it's no longer tacky to the touch.  And voila!!  Your very own fabric covered jar!

I discarded the lid, but you could give the lid the same fabric treatment if you like.

Then it's just a matter of filling the jar with something {...candle, candy, small cookies, trail mix, a cupcake, a love note, bubble blowing liquid, or even dirt...} and wrap with a ribbon for the thoughtful and reusable gift!

I'm willing to bet that kids + glue = a fun time for all!

Hope you give this a try... and I would certainly like to see what you make, feel free to share a link below so we can all see!!

I will show you what I put in my jar tomorrow right here!

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Jocelyn said...

What a very cool idea!

Gina said...

That's pretty - thinking of making my mom one since she is into quilting. I could take it to her with daisies in it. (: Thanks for the idea!

Craftberry Bush said...

Hey Christie....great minds think alike...you're gonna love my tutorial coming up this week....make sure you come by...xo

petitehermine said...

Great project, as well as your others! I'm giving you a versatile blogger award! :) Check the post here for more info.

Jo said...

Very sweet Christie!

Heather said...

You did a great job presenting this! I know how much time it takes to do and shoot at the same time, I don't do it all too often :)

Very pretty little jar, in the end AND quite useful for many things, too.

Jim said...

You did a good job on that jar, Christi. I doubt if I would make one so my jars will just be glass, maybe even with the labels still on them. That is of course, unless someone talented makes me one or more. I would use them if gifted of them.

Happy MWBlues. I have our youngest grandchild on my for blue.

Carletta said...

Oh my gosh! This took me way back to my years in 4-H club only we used pieces of paper.
Love the cloth idea and it came out beautifully!

Gemma Wiseman said...

Such a creative, beautiful way to decorate a jar! Interesting post!

Unknown said...

very cool idea! a great hand-made gift.

Midweek Blues @ Live in the Moment

Suburban Girl said...

I like that one strip of skull and crossbones luring in the background. They seem like they are invading all those pretty hues.

Stacey - Elle Belle said...

I love projects like these that use up all your favorite scraps!

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