{please help} for Japan with Love

my heart still breaks for Japan.  I'm still finding myself teary and getting that lump in my throat when I face a news article or open a picture of the devastation.

it's my favorite place to have ever lived.  I have fond memories of big hearted people, customs and traditions that have shaped who I am today, and you can still catch me slightly bowing a hello to a person passing by. 

it's cold over there, and too many people are without electricity, water, food, shelter and more.
and on top of that, many have to deal with the loss of loved ones. 
I can't even begin to comprehend all that they are feeling and facing.
I am determined to do everything I can to make a positive impact.
{and you can too!}
I have decided to participate in Bloggers Day of Silence tomorrow March 18th. 
with that my blog will be silent tomorrow,
as in no posts, in honor and respect for what has happened in Japan.

You can read more about the efforts of Utterly Engaged and Ever Ours who have paired up to create and launch

For Japan With Love

Have a beautiful day tomorrow.  Hug and kiss the ones you love.  

I'll be sewing late into Friday evening as a part of Friday Night Sew In and back here with a Happy Moment and my sewing results on Saturday!

Much love for Japan

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MJ said...

thanks Christie, I'll be joining you in this :)....

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