Katie Dog Days: Romancing Spring

Katie and I want to welcome you in from Suzy Sitcom (if that is how you are finding us today); it's an honor to be featured there!!  Come in, take your jacket off, get comfortable, and have some sun tea and cupcakes!! 

Today is all about Katie, the almost four year old golden retriever the mister and I share our lives with, and her adventures outside.  With the snow melting there are lots of good smells to take in, she can get up to a full speed run again, and she may have eaten a stick or two.

For Katie Dog Days I try to follow Katie as she romps around and fully experience what she stops to see... it's truly an eye opening thing to see the world from the pups perspective.  She really knows how to enjoy the small things and her excitement for those small things is really contagious!  Let's see what she found today!

She couldn't pass up the moss that is starting to spring back to life.

A sniff. a snort. laid down on it. then off she went.  The moss is soft and was really nice to sit on!

She found a few more bulbs peaking through.  These were randomly in the backyard.  Maybe the doings of a squirrel or chipmunk?  It's really adorable how she appreciates flowers!

Like I shared yesterday, Katie is still savoring the last bits of snow.  She dives straight into the pile, lays down, and eats the snow. 

I must have snapped her mid-chew.  What a funny face!

It looks like she is taking things in and trying to decide which way to go next.  And who doesn't love that little cute tongue sticking out?

Ohhh. I've been spotted.  Yup, I'm definitely getting the mom, stop stalking me with that camera look.

"Ugg, will you just please come play with me?"

"Mmmmmm, this snow is such a delicacy!!  Do you want to try some?"

"I think I will take my next meal right here.  This snow therapy is exactly what I need to sooth my muscles!"

"What do you mean you won't bring my dinner out here to eat al fresco?  It's warm enough.  honest.  Just put on your fur coat like I have."

Her attention was drawn to the sky and she watched the geese fly over head.  She is a meant to be a bird hunting dog.  Guess that sort of thing comes naturally.

Have you noticed that any color looks so darn pretty right now?  It's been a long winter of grays and whites.  Just look at this bright green moss on the side of a large rock.

Even this rusty red popped in the backdrop of grays. 

As our adventure was coming to the end.  She plotted up the stairs, but then stopped mid way.

More sniffing. ears up. tail curled. snorted the smell out and kept on going.  Looks like a squirrel enjoyed a quick snack here on the stair. 

Katie that was fun! 

She always reminds me to slow down.  Take a deep cleansing breath -- release it. slowly.  And enjoy what is right in front of me.  After all, isn't that what life is all about? 

Hug the ones you love today and I look forward to sharing some time together soon!

Much love for Japan


Terriaw said...

What a beautiful post! and a beautiful day! I love seeing the natural world through Katie's eyes. It just goes to show how many little things underfoot there are worth noticing. Thank you for the reminder to take a pause.

Golden Woofs! SUGAR said...

Woof! Woof! Exactly why my mom is thankful fr having me. We continue to send our loving prayers n thoughts to the victims of the tsunami. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

It looks like you had a wonderful walk with Katie, beautiful scenery! I have 2 cats (they adopted us last summer) but I miss a dog to take on walks. You are so right about the color, down here on the river everything is still the dismal colors and I am really looking forward to Spring.....and color.

Teje Karjalainen said...

Hello Christie and Katie! You have wonderful time together! You are right - we should learn from our friends to enjoy small things in the nature! Katie has so beuatiful fur! I think she is going to miss snow! xxx Teje and Nero

Anonymous said...

Wow, Katie's beautiful!

corina said...

You have such a beautiful retriever! Your post has brought back many memories of our golden Candy. When most of the snow was gone she would find tiny tiny patches of it and roll around it. I swear she liked to pack her ears with snow! Happy stitching!

Seaweed and Raine said...

What fun! I wonder what kind of bulbs Katie found? Guess you will soon see. Great photos today :) I really enjoyed them! S xx

Shirley said...

Loved your post about Katie and the snow.

Linda said...

What a wonderful post! I think it's great that you post about Katie...I lost my best friend, Sydney 2 years ago and still miss her deeply...she was my gardening buddy!

annies home said...

what beautiful pictures and love the story in the post as well

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