Sending Love and Thoughts

My heart is breaking this morning. 

Sending all my love and thoughts out to Japan and Hawaii... and really all the areas around the world that may be impacted right now.

Having lived in Japan for three years, it's as much home for me as any other place. 

picture from here.

picture from here.


zsazsazsu said...

my heart goes out to alle those
affected ! It's awful what happen(s)end !

MJ said...

Thanks for posting this Christie. As of right now I haven't heard from my family yet. My mom and I are waiting anxiously, though we want to believe they are ok as they are further south...:).

Anonymous said...

Stumbled across your blog today and love it. Especially the positive, happy tone. My prayers too are with the people of Japan. It's hearbreaking to watch as the news unfolds. If you have time, consider stopping by my blog...kiki-itssewkiki.blogspot.com. You have a new follower!

Seaweed and Raine said...

I was watching footage last night with the Mr. - just shocking! I can't begin to imagine the extent of it all. I have friends in Hiroshima, and they are all ok, Thank Goodness!. Hope that anyone you know and love over there is Ok, Christie.

Allie said...

I continue to pray - the images coming out of Japan are horrific. My heart just breaks for them.

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