Hands in the Dirt: Tulips and Spring Planting

I have to admit that the rain showers have stopped almost on cue with the month of April ending.  That has meant fairly warm temperatures and more sunshine then we have seen in weeks.  Almost without thinking about it, I have spent every minute possible outside taking it all in.

Let's have a look at all that's blooming and what I've been planting!

The tulips are just incredible this year.  I really need to take another picture, because even over the last two days more have bloomed!  So many colors -- and it's bright and wonderful!

Katie and I also went to a flower market where we picked out some new plants to bring home! 

Here you can see a bunch of them together.  And I tried to point out names where I remember them.  Most of them will work well in my rock garden and don't require a lot of watering which is good for our hot NY summers.  I need to remember to take pictures of where I planted them.
I also have very steep hill that we want to cover with plants and ground cover for easier maintenance since it's really too steep to mow.  Last fall, I planted a ton of daffodil bulbs.. and they just look stunning this year!! 

I also bought a few creepy-type spreading plants to add to the hillside.  And I'm excited that the Creeping Mountain Pink not only blooms in the spring, but also in the summer!  Neat, right?  I'm just hoping the deer don't take a fancy to eating them. 

The other plants in the wheel barrow, with the tall purple flowers, are called Bugleweed.  I know, I know.. how often does one purchase and plant something with the word 'weed' in it.  But it's just what this hillside needs.  Bugleweed is supposed to be a vigorously spreading plant and should withstand some puppy stomping.  We shall see.

This hill faces the street and is such a cheery welcome when you drive by!  I'm looking forward to seeing it progress as things grow in and fill in the gaps!

And that's what I've been up to! 

I've been outside. 

Hands in the dirt. Sun on my face.  Bug bites. Sweating.

...and loving every darn moment of it!

Have you ventured outside lately?

Much love for Japan


Anonymous said...

Oooh...beautiful tulips. Thanks for sharing the pics....It's still grey and rainy here!

Linz said...


Life in Rehab said...

Good job you! Your yard is just bursting into color, and pretty soon it'll be a technicolor sea of blooms! We are, by the way, tremendously jealous of the tulips.

Ivory Spring said...

Beautiful flowers. I absolutely love creeping thyme.

Teje Karjalainen said...

Beautiful flowers! I can imagine how great time you have had with Katie in the garden!

Quiet Quilter said...

Such a nice place to have flowers..gives the people going by a thrill!

Seaweed and Raine said...

It sounds like bliss! I have to admit - our uncharacteristic rain has finally stopped too, and now the sun is out, so I might finally get a chance to get my hands in the dirt and start prepping for winter. (Not to mention getting my washing dry!) :)
I think the bugle weed is very pretty, and I'm sure the hillside will look amazing when you are done.

Terriaw said...

Beautiful flowers! I love finding such lovely treasures in our gardens these days. Looks like you have a lot of work in store for you with planting those hills. But I love hearing about your plans, and the plants you got to start with. Fun project!

Wendy said...

Love...LOVE...the tulips!!

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