Quick Look at the Week

Over 1500 miles traveled.  
Some late nights.
Some early mornings.
Lots of puppy kisses.
Phew.  It's been a long, long week.

Here is a quick review of the week:

Sewing-wise, I made good progress on X Marks the Spot {still thinking about the name}

I was about to sew the whole top together.

It looks really pretty with the bigger pattern.  I couldn't resist putting it on the clothesline to get an idea of how it was looking!

Next up is to work on the border.  I am going to put a piano key like design all the way around the border.  Here is the pile of all the strips.  I have started laying out what each edge will look like.  Going for random.  Enjoying the process!!

Gardening and flowers-wise... there are lots of pretty things blooming and growing...

The lily's are a bright beautiful orange!

The daisies are starting to form and open.

The yarrow is getting bigger and budding.

The apples are the size of golf balls.

And look how many there are!

So excited to make at least one apple pie from our apples this year!

The wild strawberries are so pretty this year too!

And with all this rain we have been having these wild mushrooms (in a zillion colors and shapes) popping up everywhere!

Lastly, in puppy news... Sammy is still as cute as can be!

Yup, it was a whirl-wind week, but I am so thankful to hang on to the little moments and let all that craziness slip quietly away.

Miss you!  I can't wait to catch up and see what you have been doing, but with over 800 posts in my reader it may take bit.  Talk to you soon?

Much love for Japan


Jenniffier said...

The quilt is coming along wonderfully. It looks great on the clothes line :) The view from outside is looking good too.

Andrea said...

how beautiful the garden seems cartoons sammy! I see that was sewn


MJ said...

Oh wow Sammy is growing! But first I have to say I adore your quilt!! The colors and pattern are so soft & sweet!! And I Love the strawberry photo :). Happy July 4th weekend!

Linz said...

Yea for apples! And strawberries!! :) And your QUILT!!! It's gorgeous!!

Seaweed and Raine said...

Hey! Missed you. "X makrs the spot" is looking really good - I have to say I love the colours you have chosen.
The things in your yard are looking amazing! All those lovely apples, and the wild strawberries, and... wait for it... the ORANGE LILIES!!! Oh I do love orange lilies.
Little Sammy is getting to be a much bigger girl already - it goes too fast doesn't it?
I'm sure she is going to be just a ball of mischief over the next few months ;) and totally adorable to boot. Love to see some more of her with Katie too :)
S&R xo

monika@mysweetprairie.ca said...

you take REALLY lovely photos!! gosh darn that puppy is cute!!!

Candy @ The Little Round Table said...

Oh let's just go right to the good part ..... puppy pictures take the prize. So totally sweet and yummy.

Thanks for joining the garden party,

tiffany said...

your quilt is so beautiful i love it and the flowers are so pretty nice garden

Tonya said...

Love the photo of the daisy just about to open!

Teje Karjalainen said...

Hi Christie! Wild strawberries are the best! Your quilt is beautiful and the border will make it perfect! So many great photos and Sammy is sooooo sweet! Hugs for all of you!
Teje & Nero

Wendy said...

Love the quilt! And the flowers! And the so sweet puppy!

Fishtail Cottage said...

Thank you so much for linking up to Cottage Flora Thursday's at Fishtail Cottage! Adorable little Sammy! xoxo, tracie

1000 Goldens said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful :)

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