Simply Sewing Satisfiying Stuff!

I was able to make a lot of progress over in this neck of the woods!  Yippie!!


X Marks the Spot {still re-thinking the name of this one}I have sewn the whole top together. 

The piano key boarder is on. 

And this one is now ready for backing which I have yet to dream up. 

I have lots of scraps from all the prints and solids I used ... I may just randomly piece them together. 

And yes, Sammy is as much of a quilt aficionado as Katie is. 

Katie will still retains the title as my faithful Quilting Assistant... Sammy, well, she may eventually work her way up to that title, but for now I think she will rein as Princess Quilting Terror.  In her mind, quilts are just for playing/chewing on at the moment.

Happy Garden (king sized)
I have officially finished quilting this one with all of my organic loops.  And I'm really liking how it's shaping up.

The next question is the binding.  I had originally said blood red to always remember my 'incident.'  So I purchased a yard of a strong red, cut into it for the binding strips... and cut it wrong.  Like totally not paying attention, the fabric was backwards -- arggg! 

I could probably save it by joining the strips with a straight line instead of a diagonal, but in my mind I know it's not right.  So, what do you think?  Get another yard of red and try again?  Join the strips I have with the straight line? 

Here is a reminder of what red might look like as the binding.

Another thought it to instead use this strawberry fabric as the binding.  What do you think?

And here is a look at the two binding choices together for reference.  Would love to hear your thoughts. 

Either way, I am really looking forward to seeing this one finally finished, washed, and ready for snuggling!!

I am looking froward to getting back to this one, but decided I needed a finish, so this one was put aside. 

Crewel Spring Flowers
Nada -- poor pretty flowers.

Katie Fiber Art
No action here.

You Can Sew-a-thon!!
Added back to the list two weeks ago.  You haven't heard of it??... check it out here or read about our first project (Strawberry Pincusion).
This Week's Work in Progress (WiP) Stats 
Last WiP Wednesday Total: 6
New Projects: 0 (I have been so good to try and focus on what I already have going)
Finished Projects: 0
Total WiP's: 6 (same as last time)

---Linking to W.I.P. Wednesday with Lee at Freshly Pieced---

Much love for Japan


Wandering Minstrel said...

Awww, I love how Sammy just gets closer and closer to the camera. :)

I rather like the strawberry fabric for the binding, but the red really does pop. I can see why you're having difficulty deciding!

Rhinestone Beagle said...

I'm voting for the red. I think it would really stand out against the small bits of red in the quilt body. Great job! I have yet to try sewing with our new puppy in the room.

Teje Karjalainen said...

Hi Christie! Sammy is just so adorable - as Katie of course, too!
Usually I don't like so much red but for your beautiful quilt I think it looks great! Strawberry fabric is lovely but perhaps not 'strong' enough for that border. If you have any other solid colour it could be also wonderful so you shouldn't by more red. I would like also blue or green.
I wish you happy sewing time!
xxx Teje

Daniella said...

OH!!! Those are all amazing!!! You are so talented!! And that dog is soooooo cute!!! How do you get anything done!! Adorable!
I hope you joined Artsee!! It is really cool, right?

Anonymous said...

Being a fellow dog lover, I had to click on your pic from Freshly Pieced! What a sweet faced pup! I love your organic quilting and I think solid for the binding. The red is nice and I also think a variety or scrappy solid binding would look very nice.

Seaweed and Raine said...

Little miss snuggly looks lke she could be quite a distraction. I don't know how you get much else done!!!
I vote for the red... it really is quite strong, but just seems to work on the quilt. The strawberry is pretty too, but besides that it makes the quilt look a little "busy" I agree with Teje, it doesn't seem quite strong enough. It think the duck egg blue you used in the quilt could work too, but not quite to the effect of the red.
Whatever you decide, I'm sure it will look gorgeous! :)
S&R xox

Geri said...

Beautiful quilt - thanks for signing up with artsee bloggers!

Becky said...

What a CUTE puppy!!! Those pictures are great! As for the binding, I think either one would be good. I would not buy new fabric, but that's just me (on a fabric diet right now). So I guess my vote is for whatever is easiest and doesn't require a trip to the fabric store ;-).

1000 Goldens said...

Beautiful quilt, and puppy kills me every time! Sooooo cute!

Lynette said...

From personal experience, I can say: You don't want to join them with straight lines! ;D Very bulky at the joins, and when you've washed a few times, it wears badly.

Christie describeHappy said...

Alright, thanks for everyone who weighed in on the binding choices... I made up the red binding last night. And so excited to show you more once I have it attached!

Lee said...

Awww! Cutest quilt shots EVER! : ) At any rate, I really love the red binding, it'll really set off your blocks. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )

Natalie said...

I love love love the puppy photos!! I can never get enough of those! The quilts are looking good too-- I like the binding! I think it will look great.

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

I love your little pup...I'm a sucker for sweet puppy faces! Your quilt looks amazing. I come from a family of quilters, but haven't tried my hand at it yet. Great job!

Wendy said...

Good work on the quilting! King sized is huge! I vote for the red - it pops so much more and defines the edge. Go for it!

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