Mail Call!! {Thank you, CraftyRie}

I have had some amazing mail show up in my box and I wanted to share the goodies with you!!

First was a Sunshine in the Mail swap package from the lovely Rie at Craftyrie.
Just look at the stamped paper goodness!

The cutest little box which neatly hid the lovely Mona doll.

I also got some incredible fabrics... zigzags... Christmas Kangaroos!!!  and horse loving fabric.  I'm a lucky lucky gal!!

Incredible note cards with some of the coolest animal cutouts.  I'm loving the patchwork feel of the paper!!

And a postcard of a mountain near Rie's hometown in Australia.  So so pretty!!

This was certainly sunshine in the mail!!  Oh yes-sirree!!  Thank you again Rie for your thoughtful and totally delightful package!!


Anonymous said...

such a lovely gift and such a lovely dog,

Seaweed and Raine said...

Yay! That is the first time I have seen the fabric. She sent me images of the doll and the cards. :) LOVE the zigzag. :)

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