A Weekend Ramble

Oh Monday... I sat down to share a few words with you and have ended up writing tomrrow and Wednesday's stories.  Sigh.  But what to do about today's blank canvas?  Perhaps a little ramble about the weekend?

Our weekend followed a slow, quiet, easy pace that seemed to be so needed. 

There was lots of sunlight pouring through the windows and I admit that I have a hard time resisting my sewing area while there are streams of light to soak in!

The ground froze again, leaving lots of doggy evidence captured in frozen mud to be checked out.  Both Sammy and Katie took turns sniffing their own prints as I snapped a few pictures. 

That's Sammy's nose, ear, and paw sneaking in this snap.

Here's the print without a nosey dog in the shot.  Have I told you I'm a sucker for tracks?  They are a great reminder of how we are all connected through the same shared spaces. 

This particular track is from Katie.  Shown here with her serious face. 

I laughed a million and one times due to the antics of one nine month old white puppy.  She's fearless, always learning, and getting so big these days! 

And thankfully, she is still thinking of herself as a lap dog.  I'm not sure if I will find that cute as she grows beyond 60lbs, but I do relish the fact that she wants to snuggle in my arms!!

And this sums up the rest.  When we weren't outside in the sun, hiking or sewing, we were resting. 

Hope you feel refreshed and sparky as we head into a new week!!


Jientje said...

Great minds think alike! I posted a report on my weekend as well today! LOL! I'm glad you had a lovely weekend Christie, thanks for this little peak into your life!

Kris from Duke Says Sew What said...

That Katie is so beautiful! And I spy a dirty nose on Sammy. Are you gearing up for the Superbowl and your Giants?!!

Megan said...

Frozen mud! Now there is something I have never seen a photo of before.

Love the photo of Katie. That is one Very Serious Face!

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