Creative Tuesday: Beatles Song (#67)

It's Creative Tuesday time!  Today's meme was Beatles Songs.  You know that English group that was pretty popular back 60's/70's?  Ya, before I was born, ha!  Well, the challenge is to pick your favorite Beatles song and create a drawing inspired by it.  So, I bet your dying to know what my favorite song is, right? 

Me too. 

I admit I've heard of the Beatles.  I can even openly say I think I like their music.  Then, I pondered about what my favorite song was. 

Drew a total blank. 

Then, I tried to think of any song by the Beatles. 

Again.  Total blanksville.  I admit, connecting music artists and their song names isn't a strong skill for me.  (I can hear the Mister laughing at that.)  Thank goodness for Google!  After about 5 minutes I was off and rolling and couldn't get the song "Love is All You Need" out of my head. 

Perfect!  I had my muse!  I got my acrylic paints out for this one.  I've been wanting to see how they might mix into a multimedia piece.  I started with a base of red tissue paper, pink and green fabric, and that piece of striped cardboard.

Layering is my favorite part, I applied a bunch of acrylic paint with a paint brush and bubble wrap.  The hardest part of using paint for me... is waiting for it to dry.  Who's with me?

Thank goodness for distractions.  While the piece dried I set out to add more texture to the Sammy piece that you might remember from a previous Creative Tuesday.  I will be showing off the finish tomorrow for the Pet's on Quilts parade!!

Once the paint was dry, I glued on a bit of lime green tissue paper, and a few torn pieces of origami paper.  Then doodled around with sharpie markers in lots of colors to outline, trace, or emphasize. 

Totally soothing. 
Totally creative. 
Totally creating without concern or plans.

And I admit, I adore the results of that crazy mind of mine. 

I also adore these two lovable pups who wouldn't let me out of their sight last night.  That's Katie on the left and Sammy super-manning on the right. 

Anyway, here's a better look at the results of my mixed media craziness.  I see many more of these pieces, in this style, in my future.  I have even thought about how I might be able to better bring this style to my quilting. 

And of course I had to instagram it!  I can't remember exactly what filter I used, but I love the way it faded the piece and made it seem like old school rock and roll.  I'm also excited that this is my third piece that I found a way to incorporate fabric in an unexpected way!

And, I'll leave you with a snap of the lake down the road.  It was so peaceful, so calm, so serene this morning!  Sure gets my creative juices bubbling!

Wishing you endless creativity and all the time you need to capture it!


Janice said...

This turned out so nicely...I like it a lot. And I love that you showed your process. It makes me think I might like to try something like that in the future. Love the snoozing dogs, too.

Michael said...

Before I talk about this marvelous addition, I must comment on some of your hilarity:

" Then, I tried to think of any song by the Beatles. ...Again. Total blanksville. "
--ReallY?! Oh haha. Reminds me of when asking my kids and all they could think up was the horrid, Yellow Submarine. LOL.

Also, had to chuckle at the "anyone with me?" refrain--I SO am there re paints. Ha.

Always love your write ups and how you invite us into the creative process. Adds so much and yes, I DID note you included fabric again!

Anyway, as it is, this came out great. I really like it. Amazing how a bunch of creative tossing around can end up with a such a unified look. This really works well and totally evokes the song too! Awesome.

You know, although the Beatles were way before my time and never heard them on the radio (unlike here), I always heard them growing up as my sister (a lot older than I) played the two original albums my mother had.

Wanda said...

Psychedelic ~ is the word that came to mind immediately when I think of the Beatle Aera, and you just nailed it with your delightful rendition.

I say AMEN to all of MMm's comments, this was just a hilarious read, and you are such a "hoot". You bring us so many smile, and laughs. Your dogs must be worn out from laughing at your funny stories. haha

Christine said...

Christie, this is a beautiful mixed media piece that screams 'love'...great job and thanks for describing your process and inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Love this song and your mixed media piece represents it perfectly. Love, peace and Beatles!

linda (dots n doodles) said...

I love this sort of art that is not preplanned. I am not good at it, hence I always admire other people who are, especially when it turns out so well. Loved your write up as well, made me chuckle.

Michael said...

Enjoying your comments here and so agree with Linda, above. I'm that way too.

BTw, forgot to mention, I'm looking forward to seeing how Sammy turned out. Loos a lot more embellished than when i last saw it. Exciting.

Alicia C said...

great textual rendition of this song! The fabric in your piece reminds me of the cool wardrobes the Beatles wore when they performed it for TV. Though I was born a year b4 John Lennon's tragic demise, I have found it very hard to avoid the Beatles and only have REGRETS that I was nowhere near old enough to really LIVE the phenom!!! you totally should go to youtube & find the original All You Need is Love video - the cool costumes, the carnival atmosphere -- it's all worth it.

Unknown said...

Great post. I always enjoy watching your process unfold, really interesting to watch. Love the song and you really did a great job harnessing the feeling this song's always played in me. And I'm a sucker for a good pet picture, dogs are rest are always cute pics to share. Love the water scene, definitely an inspiration. Thanks

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